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Welcome to Plymouth Pallet & Drum Ltd. We have the largest Pallet yard in the South West Region having grown steadily over the last 25 years and we are the only second hand pallet dealer in Plymouth. Our site in Plymouth holds over 30,000 pallets in stock and are readily available. Our stock includes, Euro Pallets, Standard British Pallets, Heat Treated Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Plastic Drums, Packing Cases, Storage Containers, Tanks and Second Hand Packaging, Pallets and Containers. Our Services include industrial site clearance, pallet refurbishment, waste disposal and a pallet collection and delivery service which enables our customers to use the pallets time and time again. We are the only company in the South West to spray and stamp the pallets for use.


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Our customers include companies from the Building, Manufacturing, Warehouse / Storage and Haulage Industries. Our pallet reconditioning service allows our customers to get the maximum possible use out of the same pallet and therefore save money in the process. We will collect the pallets from you, recondition them and then return them to you to use again. We are recommended as being the only company in the South West to provide this unique service.

The Geology of Buckfastleigh Hill


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